Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bellingham and ANWG

Arrived last night at 7:05, too late to register, late to drop my shawl off, just late for everything.  Did get my housing sorted, dropped of the shawl (better late than never?) took a peek in at some of the workshops then crashed in my room.

Could not figure out the wifi, but got that straightened out this morning.

Managed to visit for a few minutes with Bobbie Irwin and got to see her samples of iridescence   :). One of the joys of attending conferences.

Marketplace opens this afternoon, along with guild booth displays.  Must get back to the exhibits.  Was too tired last night to walk round the gallery, especially with no parking permit, so I needed to trek all the way back and move it to a 'legal' space.  Got that cleared up and no worries about parking.

Remembered to bring my camera so will try to remember to take some photos.

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