Thursday, June 6, 2013

Full Sized Sample

scarf 47

Working with that 8 ounce skein of 2/20 Tencel I was forcibly reminded why I loathe working with skeins of fine yarns.  The yarn broke, repeatedly, until finally the loose end buried itself so deeply into the skein that I could not find one, let alone either of them.  In the end I wound up throwing away nearly half of the skein.

Which realization sent me on a quest for some other fine yarn that was commercially dyed and came on tubes or cones.

And so scarf 47 became another full-sized sample.  In order to quickly identify it from all the other scarves in the run I inserted a small loop of yarn and as soon as these scarves are cut off the loom I will, as a matter of priority, fringe twist and wet finish it to see if the 2/16 bamboo yarn from Brassard will be okay.

I don't expect it to have the same hand as the Bambu 12 - it is spun with a much higher degree of twist making it stiffer - and stronger - than the Bambu 12.  But it might be in the same category as the 2/10 Tencel in terms of hand.  If so, I can switch to it instead of buying a fine white yarn, skeining it off, getting it custom dyed and then struggle to get it off of the skein onto bobbins or cone.

The savings in labour alone are worth it if it will make a reasonable substitute for the Tencel.

Flexibility.  Kinda takes on a double edged meaning in this case - can I be 'flexible' in my yarn choice when the cloth won't be quite as 'flexible' with the higher twist yarn?  Only the finished 'sample' scarf will tell....


msvos said...

I'm anxious to hear how it turns out for you. Love the colors and the ikat.

Laura Fry said...

Doug got them pressed this morning. I'll be looking at them shortly and deciding if the 2/16 bamboo will work - or not. :)