Monday, June 3, 2013

Things Change

scarf #40 - 10 warps now complete...

I know that things change.  Mostly I embrace change because it usually means I'm doing something new and interesting.

OTOH, sometimes things change way too fast!

Yesterday I moaned that I was running low on weft inventory and I needed to place an order with Silk City for the Bambu 12.  I was completely out of Kelp, and getting dangerously low on some of the other colours I wanted to use as weft.

I immediately swung Plan B into action so that I would not have any 'down' time and started using up the last dribs and drabs of the dyed 2/10 Tencel in my stash.  Not an ideal situation, but better than not being able to weave the scarves at all.

Well, the bad news is that Kelp has been discontinued.  So has Sugar Plum.

Generally when suppliers, especially wholesalers, start discontinuing colours in a line it means that that particular yarn is probably on it's way out.  Which is really annoying because I didn't even get this new design properly into production and now I'm going to have to (probably) switch gears and start sampling for a new weft, all over again.

Like I say....annoying!

So if anyone has any Bambu 12 in Kelp they would like to move on out of their stash, I would probably buy it?  If you are going to be at ANWG or NEWS, I could maybe pick it up from you and save the shipping....or if you have some 2/10 Tencel in nice dark values....?

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