Thursday, March 26, 2020

Pandemic Do

My hair appointment was booked the day after personal service providers (hair, nails, massage, etc) were told to close to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  One week later, I'm thinking I may need to...cut my bangs myself.  (gulp)

There has been some whining on a certain tv channel about the 'privations' people are experiencing right now due to the shutdown of such personal services.

I would like to point out that someone catering to me is the last thing I want to have happen because we still don't know who all is carrying the virus.  It is now clear that some people can be shedding the virus for several days before showing any symptoms, and some have symptoms so mild they didn't even know they had it.

No one on this planet has an immunity to the virus.  There isn't even much certainty that those who have had it are immune afterwards.  No one knows how quickly the virus mutates and if having had the first go round will confer any immunity to subsequent mutations.

Some people are also missing the point that isolation is a privilege not granted to all.  People who are homeless are going to have a hard time staying clean (no access to soap and water in some cases).  People who are working jobs deemed 'essential' are still having to go to work.  (And lets start paying them hazard pay, not running gofundmes to cover their sick time - yes, I'm looking at you Mr. Bezos).

People are going to suffer economically as businesses shutter.  There is mass uncertainty as to how government programs to help people will work.  How to apply.  Who gets to apply.  Self employed people are particularly left out in the dark.  Do any of these programs apply to those folk?  Contractors?  Who is 'essential'?  Who isn't?

I do not forget to be grateful that I live where I do (Canada) where I at least have universal health care.  I do not forget that I am 'retired' after shutting down my business at the end of 2019.  We have minimum state pensions and not much else, but having been a 'starving artist' for most of my life, my wants are few and my needs more or less covered.  For now.

We still have electricity, water, heat and so far we have been able to get food without too much difficulty.  That may become more of a problem the longer this goes on.

I am old enough to remember where food comes from (and I'm not talking about the stores) and as the virus continues to burn through, farmers are going to have more trouble sowing their crops, then harvesting them.

I am old enough to know how to cook from 'scratch'.

I am old enough to remember the time prior to tv, internet and vaccines.

For the politicians saying that 'old' people should be ready to die to preserve the economy for their children?  I say fie on you - you go first and take your rich supporters with you.

I might be willing to die for a child.  I am NOT willing to die for some billionaires portfolio.

So I will cut my own bangs, trim my own fingernails (I always do anyway) and I will staythefhome
for as long as possible to flatten the curve.


Lynne said...

Cut your bangs with pinking shears. I am considering letting my hair grow out as no one but my husband will see me up close and he prefers it long. I am also not going to buy any clothes as I have plenty. If we don't make it the money we save will go to the children.

Rachelle said...

I'm almost 50 and also know where food comes from, still grow some myself at home and have in the past eaten a duck I raised and killed myself. If my hair needs cutting I'll use the same method I use for my husband and sons; my hair is short. We're in lockdown for the next 4 weeks, yesterday was the first day and I won't be surprised if it ends up being longer than that. I feel for all those who've lost their jobs, but my main focus is keeping this away from my parents and In Laws who are all in the risk group by age; I'm definitely not prepared to lose my loved ones for the sake of the economy, and luckily our government doesn't have the attitude I've seen from certain politicians in the US.

D. Bostick said...

I saw a woman on TV the other day saying "This is ridiculous. We live in America. We shouldn't have to put up with this." As though we had some control over a pandemic and should always be prepared for something like this at a moment's notice. What a spoiled brat.
I agree about dying for others but I am 80 and if it's me or someone else much younger than I am I willingly give them my spot on the planet. Not just because they are richer but because I have had a long and good life and they deserve a chance to do the same.

I am very fortunate to have a place to live, money to take care of myself and children who are willing to do whatever they can to protect me. And, of course, I have my weaving to keep me entertained and calm and a pretty good stash of yarn to last me for awhile!

Anita said...

You go girl!!! I also am old enough(67) to remember much. I want to say...stop whining, count you lucky stars, and toughen a the right thing. This is not the first hardship that humans have faced...we will get through this, one way or the other, and this is your chance to join history’s success stories.