Saturday, March 7, 2020

Sunny Days

March blew in like the proverbial lion and today we are being treated to sunshine flooding into the living room.

With renewed desire to Get Stuff Done, I have been pulling yarn for potential tea towel warps.  The above draft was used last year, I think, and I quite like it.  I may use it again on one of the upcoming warps.

It has a large motif that can be placed in the four corners of a tea towel and then a 'field' of diamonds in the centre.  I might play around to see if I can make the motif a slightly different shape, but if that doesn't please me, I may go with this one.

Yesterday I managed two towels, read for a few minutes, worked on the jigsaw puzzle, contemplated my messy house and decided it could wait.  One thing about messes.  They don't actually nag you - just constantly sit in judgement!

I also pulled yarn for another tea towel warp.  As I start to use up my yarn it becomes more and more challenging to get something I'm actually happy with, not just willing to live with.

There is also a great deal of yarn left in colours I've already used so I'm trying to come up with other options.  

But I need to use up as much of the 2/16 cotton wound onto pirns so I can send the empty pirns to the person who purchased the pirn winder.  So I will carry on and do as much as I can.

Spring break up appears to be flowering (this morning Mr. Woodpecker announced his arrival) and as soon as the roads are clear the goal is to begin walking again.  Our house is on a small plateau which means I can incorporate a hill into my walk very easily.  The hill is about three stories tall and I could gauge my recovery from by-pass surgery by first how far I could walk unaided.  Then how quickly my pace increased as I gained muscle strength, then how well I could climb the hill after going down the other end.

But not while the sidewalks are still covered in ice and the roads are wet and mucky.  So I sit in the window and enjoy the sunshine.  And dream fibre dreams.

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