Thursday, November 3, 2022

Step Eleventy-zillion


This wasn't how I planned to spend my afternoon, but...

Life this week got a bit, um, fraught, what with one thing and another.  Add in the first snowstorm of the year, and a whole buncha other things and I decided I wanted some 'closure' in my life.  

Yesterday I made up more care/hang tags and today I started tagging the recent towels that I wove over the summer.  It's quite an impressive pile, especially given that's not all of them.  Some have sold, some are already tagged and put away.

Since the rest of my inventory is packed up ready to be delivered to the guild booth this afternoon, I expect that these will stay here, at home, until such time as inventory goes down in the guild booth.  

If it does.

But there is no guarantee.  

You do your best to design and create the textile, offer it for sale and wait.

The plan is to begin posting items to my ko-fi shop again beginning Monday.  Which is Step Eleventy-zillion and one.  Selling them, and then shipping them is Eleventy-zillion two and three.  At some point I will need to buy more padded envelopes for shipping.  But for now I have enough.  

But here's where I'm at:  the end of the process - or very nearly.  For these towels, at least.  There are still the cotton/linen towels to be done, but they need different care/fibre content labels.  So I'm focusing on these because the pile was getting huge.  

And yes, I still have some that need to be hemmed, then final pressed before they can be tagged.

But for now, for today, I need some 'done' in my life.  And this will suit very well.

(On a personal note - I'm still in remission of my cancer, so no treatment required unless symptoms suddenly develop.  I'm back on the emotional roller coaster of having some time of not needing to think about what cancer is doing to my body before I need to go through this again in six months.  In the meantime, my doctor encouraged me to upgrade to N95 masks.  I assured her that I was in the process of doing that.  The sampler mask package will arrive in a week and we'll try them on for fit, then decide which model/size is best for each of us and donate any of the too small masks to someone who needs them.)

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