Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Breathing Room


It's the time of year when I sometimes wake up to this.  This morning was overcast and dreary so I didn't get to see this spray of light, but hopefully it will show up more frequently - until spring progresses to the point where it happens way before I wake up!

Yesterday I finished inventorying and setting the auction upset price for the guild books and emailed the newsletter with said list to the person who sends it out after proof reading (and adding a couple other things that she takes care of.)

So now I have about 2 weeks of hiatus dealing with book sales.   I thought I would get started writing the first article for School of Sweet Georgia, but I have an appointment at 2 pm, plus errands (bank, post office) and then the dentist's office called and said they had a cancellation for 4:30 - could I come and get that broken filling fixed?  Um, yes.  Yes, please.

I got one session at the loom this morning, but now there isn't time before I leave for my first appointment and there won't be time to do much in between my first foray to town and my second.  So I think I might grab my library book and just sit and read for a bit.

Since there are So Many guild books to sell, I'm thinking of posting the entire list here on the 14th because I will be listing them 10 books at a time so that I'm not inundated with shipping all 100+/- on the same day!  That way, if there are bidders interested in more than one title, I can create a hold area and wait until the auction is over - or the bidder indicates they are done purchasing - and ship the entire order in one parcel.  This makes sense to me on a number of levels - one parcel to one person rather than several parcels to the same address means less shipping.  Even though it will mean more 'work' on my part, keeping track of it all.

I'm trying to be sensitive to reducing my carbon footprint and one parcel is a lot more sensible than many to the same address, in a matter of days.

So, if you are interested in what the guild has to offer, maybe bookmark the 14th and check the list and see if you might be bidding on more than one?

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