Sunday, April 21, 2024



The guild auction begins to 'end' today as the first lot of books I listed reach the time to count up and see what has sold and what is left.  I think I took 5 days to list all the books so each day will see the final count for that day's listings.  eBay says they will automatically re-list anything that doesn't sell, so the auction will continue for at least another 7 days beyond this current offering.

I'm really hoping the above two books find good homes.  And I'd like to remind US bidders that the prices you see for the upset price is *Canadian* dollars and therefore you get an exchange rate 'discount' if you are purchasing.

Just saying.

Over the past four years our guild - like everyone else on the planet - was hit with the limitations imposed by a pandemic.  This year the guild has begun to host in person classes again and hopefully workshops.  We have a large guild room where we can keep our library for the use and convenience of the guild members, equipment for use in the room and some for rent which can be taken home.  (Not the looms, although guild members can come and work on them whenever they like.)

We have a booth at the large craft fair in November, and other fund raising that goes on to help pay for the room rental.  

The proceeds of this auction will be welcome income to pay for the on-going expenses of the guild, the largest of which is the room rental.

For those who have placed bids, thank you.  I'm so grateful Allison's well loved books will be going to new homes.

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