Wednesday, April 17, 2024

More Books


If you love books and you love fine textiles, you will absolutely *love* this book.  Plus it was signed by Mr. Larsen to Allison when he was in town for the ANWG conference in 1997.

I was given a copy in celebration of achieving the master certificate from the Guild of Canadian Weavers by my mentors.  I confess I have never actually read it - yet.  Every time I open it, I become entranced by the astounding textiles that Jack Lenor Larsen chose to profile for this delicious publication.

There is one copy listed in the guild eBay auction.  But, there are other books that are just as inspiring, especially if you are interested in textile art.  There are two large sized books on textile art.  These are hefty 'coffee table' type books and as such are expensive to ship, but oh my, are they wonderful.

I'm really hoping to get these books into the hands of someone who will treasure them.

Material Wealth is now 'live' and the two Constantine/Larsen titles will go live in a few hours.  It seems to take eBay about 4-5 hours to list the new entries, so you can 'follow' me for ease of finding the guild books.

Today I culled two more books - one was damaged more than I realized until I opened and thumbed through it.  It's Anita Luvera Mayers book Clothing from the Hands that Weave.  If someone wants it for the cost of the shipping, that's $22.  The other is a reference book that is, frankly, way too out of date to be of use to anyone - other than an historian, I suppose.  But I didn't want to waste my time listing it and have the buyer be disappointed.

I'm really glad I chose to do the auction this way.  As it is I'm spending about 2 hours a day just getting the listings done, and of course monitoring the auction to see how it's going.  And then the accounting once everything has sold.  Thankfully Doug is willing to help with the packaging up and taking them to the post office.  

Stay tuned.  Another 3 days and that should finish all of the books the guild is currently auctioning off.

Thank you to everyone who has taken a look.  If you make a successful bid, I hope that you enjoy the books as much as I know Allison did.

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