Monday, December 10, 2012

Breaking the Ice

Breaking the ice with the no-thinking-required white place mat warp last week I've been able to start to tackle my to-be-done list.

Since I am deadline driven, especially when several deadlines are looming (pun alert!), once I got back at it I was able to see more clearly what needed to be done and begin to do it.

The good news is that both classes are a 'go' at John C. Campbell albeit with only 3 so far in the two day workshop.  The class sponsored by SEFFA in Atlanta is a go, although they have more spots available.  The workshop in Nashville is a go with 11 (more spots available) and I think Memphis is also a go although I'm waiting on numbers from them.  Not positive about Chattanooga but they have until the 15th to get back to me.

In the meantime I am making headway on A Good Yarn: Rayon with sample #6 on the loom and weaving up nicely.

Doug is going to go to the annex to get the room ready to begin stapling and also deliver the 5 buckets of samples ready for stapling up there - and out of my way in the studio.

The prototype fabric has been mailed to the designer.  As soon as the sample above is woven and the before samples taped and cut apart I will begin preparing the yarns and handouts for the tour in January.  By the time those are done and in the mail the yarns will (should?) have arrived from Silk City and hopefully the AVL will be empty.  I put a 10 yard warp on for the prototype and am waiting for the designer to say yay or nay.  If it's a nay I'll weave the rest of that warp off as tea towels.

As for Christmas, is that soon or something????  I'm actually a lot more interested in when the solstice is happening because that means the return of longer days....

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