Thursday, December 20, 2012


As a kid I longed for Christmas.  As an adult, I long for the solstice.

The solstice is the pivot point for the sun and today is the shortest day of the year.  It also happened to be overcast and the flurries that were predicted turned into a steady dump of fine snow that was more sleet at times than snowflakes.

The official time of sunrise today was 8:27 am.  The official time of sunset was 3:51 pm.  The above photo was taken at 3:15 pm.

These short days are why I am looking forward to take off south in January.  By the time I get home the days will be significantly longer, especially for this upcoming trip which is about 2 weeks longer than I usually schedule.  And of course the days in NC/TN are longer than ours are anyway.

On Feb. 15 the official sunrise will be 7:30 am and the official sunset 5:35 pm.  I should be recovered from the jet lag by then.  :)

Today I finished the last of the warps to illustrate the article for Handwoven.  I will set those webs aside and start on the warps for the Magic in the Water workshop at the folk school.  They need to be into the mail by Monday.  Then the workshop in Nashville, which is now full.  Chattanooga will be a smaller class with around 6, I think she said.  I'm still waiting to hear from Memphis how many people there will be and if they will do a short Efficient Weaver on the Monday and/or Tuesday.  As soon as they confirm I can buy my tickets.

But in the meantime I have a lot of prep work to do.

And oh, yes, I ought to do something about Christmas.  I'm sure my mother is expecting something!

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Louisa said...

Happy Solstice, Laura!