Thursday, December 13, 2012

Change of Plans

The view from my living room window at noon today.  What you can't see is the very fine snow 'falling' sideways.  Needless to say, my shopping excursion to the sewing store for loom apron supplies got cancelled as the store is in the local snow belt.  And it was snowy enough here that the highway was doubtless going to be filled with fraught.

Instead of leaping back into the studio, I took it easy, reading, drinking a nice cup of coffee, working a bit on my jigsaw puzzle (5 more in the pile I'd like to finish) and then taking a long hot shower.

I needed to be fortified to face...

the make up warp.

Yesterday I had so many things on my mind I didn't pay attention when I taped and cut apart the 'before' samples and wound up making a costly error.  I cut only 105 samples instead of 135.  Instead of double checking my count before tossing the rest of the web into the washing machine, I just went ahead and wet finished what was left over so I could start pulling drafts and yarns for the Magic in the Water workshop at the folk school.  While the machines ran I felt I made good progress.

Only to be confronted with the truth when I started cutting apart the finished samples and had lots of cloth left over.  Way more than I ought to have!  With a sinking feeling I did count the 'before's and sure enough - there weren't enough.

And so I get to do this warp all over again, taking up a day when I'd thought I could get started on the rest of the prototype Emerald Stripe warp and get that out of the way.

So I learn once again that life is not always perfect, the skies are not always sunny and clear and mistakes happen.

Time to pull up the big girl panties and deal with it.  But I sure do dislike having to re-do something I thought was done!


Laura said...

I really hate those humbling moments... We all have them - like me looking frantically for my kitchen timer, and finally finding it in the bottom of the dishwasher (how did it get in there??). I was just glad that I didn't buy a new one!

Sandra Rude said...

Sorry for the mishap! They happen to all of us, whether we want 'em or not.