Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Janet Dawson (The Bobbin Tree, Sydney, NS) calls these the 'bunny eared bags of delight'.  This is how Maurice Brassard ships large orders of yarn.

I have had to be stern with myself and leave it sitting like a carrot (get it?) and organize my studio, complete some priority stuff on my job list (still one more I'm procrastinating over). and just generally leave it alone until I have a better grasp of what absolutely needs to be slammed onto either of the looms first.  Decisions, decisions!

The good news is that I have wet finished the two pieces of fabric off the sample warp, and surprise!  The one I was going to keep for holiday runners appears to more closely meet the requirements so I'll send both off tomorrow and see what the designer says.

I have also found a source of spun hemp and hemp/cotton at a price that I could actually resell it - if it weaves up as nicely as I'm thinking it will.  The sample order went in today and I will let you know how it works out.  If I decide to sell some of it, it would become available in the spring on approximately 8 ounce cones.  (Like I really needed to increase my stash - I have to buy 50 kilos of each kind of yarn to get a good price!  Looks like I won't be giving up the annex any time soon?)

Now I really really need to deal with that group email regarding the tour in Jan/Feb....

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Anonymous said...

Bunny ears of delight indeed! I am looking forward to seeing the contents of the "carrot"

Janet said...

Bunny Bags! <3