Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Court of Public Opinion

nearing the half way mark on the place mat warp

"You can please some of the people some of the time but you cannot please all of the people all of the time". A. Lincoln

I had to learn this very early in my career.  Since I am essentially a 'people pleaser' (iow, I really want people to like me) I also had to learn that it is perfectly ok if they don't.  Not everyone will like me and their opinion does not diminish me in any way.  It was a hard lesson to learn and I still struggle with it.

As a self-employed creative person depending upon writing and teaching for a good chunk of my income, it is a constant struggle for me to promote myself and my work.  I do it, but it's not easy and any hint of negatively can threaten to send me off my emotional rails.  But I've learned that while I may wobble a bit, and that there a few people out there who don't cotton to my self promotion much, there are others who do.

But lordy, do I get tired of tooting my own horn!  Watch my You Tube videos!  Buy my publications!  Hire me to teach!   Pay me to write articles!  Me, Me, Me!

What I have learned as well is that you can never underestimate the ability of someone to take offense when none is intended.

And so I juggle these two maxims and try to stay on course.

After managing a good morning's work, I am off to visit a new little one and his mom, something I am really looking forward to doing.  :)


badfaerie said...

Your self promotion serves a greater good. It attracts, informs an inspires fiber artists near and far. I sympathize with you on how difficult the promotion and networking can be. But next time it feels "me, me, me", remember you are doing it for me too.

DebbieB said...

I totally agree - if you'd never "promoted" yourself, I would never have heard of you or your blog, and I would either have quit weaving, or continued weaving with discomfort. But because you "got yourself out there", I discovered your wonderful tips for ergonomic weaving, and I'm weaving easier and happier because of you.

Keep tooting your horn, Laura - more people need to hear it!