Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pick One - Any One

Decided that I'd better hoist myself up out of my chair and get started on something - any thing - so picked something that didn't require any thinking at all - an all white place mat warp.  The trampoline I borrowed is to the right of the photo.  When I want to use it I set it down on the floor between my 'library' and the Leclerc loom.  When I'm not using it I have to tip it up out of the way.  Of course that makes it nearly impossible to get to my books, but hey, nothing's perfect!

This is an 11 meter long warp, 15 inches wide made from 2/8 cotton at 20 epi.  No, I don't tie every meter.  This yarn is quite well behaved - mostly - and I find that two ties along the length are sufficient.  The other two ties are the choke tie and counting string.)  But I also beam my warps under tension which helps keep wayward threads under control.

And here it is ready to be rough sleyed.  I would have finished this except that it's lunch time and my stomach is getting noisy!  I'll eat, go to town to mail a couple of parcels, then come back and finish dressing the loom. I'm hoping to get weaving tonight after dinner.

One of my 'problems' is that now that Doug is home all the time I've had to adjust my schedule.  Not that we are joined at the hip or anything, but when I was alone in the house I could do what I wanted when I wanted.  It's going to take a while to adjust to the new reality and get back into the groove.  The fact that I am also exhausted from a busy autumn schedule means that I've been wallowing.  Not that there aren't things to do, of course.

So it was time to pick one - any one at all - and just (as Nike says) do it.

Currently reading Master & God by Lindsey Davis - not one of her Falco mystery series so I'm not sure if I'll finish it.  But I do enjoy her writing generally and have enjoyed other of her stand alone novels, so we'll see.


pamela said...

hi laura
re: doug home all the time.
when randy is on off days from work i find the same. i suddenly have to deal with meals on time (lunch and supper), other persons needs and wants. we are not joined at the hip either but an invite for a espresso is just too good to say no to.
i have learned to say; make your own lunch i am not hungry rigth now and clean up behind you.
what is good is afternoon wine breaks, cause i hate to drink alone. walks with the dog and a strong back at the time i need it! lol

Sandra Rude said...

Yep, having a spouse at home 24/7 can wreak havoc with a weaver's schedule. When Mike retired, before he became a woodturner, it was really difficult. I was thrilled when he began woodturning full time, because it meant he went off to his shop, leaving me to go to my studio. Maybe we meet at lunch, maybe not; dinner, yes. And there's an intercom, so we can communicate :-)

Laura Fry said...

Doug is still decompressing from wrapping up his employment and our busy craft fair schedule. I'm sure once he starts sorting out his own schedule I can get back to mine. :)