Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cob Webs

In some ways I feel like the past few weeks I have been squeezing myself through a tunnel - a not particularly well lit tunnel, one with lots of sticky cobwebs that I've had to brush by/through.

But I also feel as though I'm nearing the end of that tunnel and the cob webs are mostly swept away.

Yesterday I worked some more on the article for Handwoven and it is almost done.  I still have to do the weaving draft, print out all the paperwork and copy it to a cd as well.  Then all that's left is to find a box of the right size, confirm the address to which the parcel should be shipped and get it into the mail.

Brought my ledger up to date and balanced.  Found a box for my receipts.  Will phone the accountant and find out when she is open so I can drop all that off for year end.  On the 2nd I'll file the sales tax for the last quarter and pay that before I leave, too.  And hope Doug remembers to pay the bills while I am away.

I also wove on the last sample for A Good Yarn: Rayon.  The before samples were taped and cut and the rest wet finished.  This morning I dug through my reference books and drew up an outline.  Who knows, I may yet start on that today.  Or not.  Tomorrow is another day.  :^)

The pressing also got done today and I have a stack of place mats and towels to hem.  The yardage for the designer just needs to be measured and an invoice drawn up.  Then that can get mailed, too.  If I can find the address - they moved mid-December and gave me a different address.  Where I put it I'm not too sure at the minute.  :(

There was a bunch of other administrivia, too, so I feel like I haven't stopped!

Tomorrow I will phone the travel agent.  My tickets were supposed to be ready Friday and I never did remember to phone - until it was too late.  So I will phone first thing in the morning so that if I do have to go to the mall, I can do it while it isn't terribly busy.

Then my suitcases will come out and things will get tossed in as I think of them.  Not a very scientific way to pack, but it seems to work for me....I have two weeks left before I leave and a few more things I'd really like to get done.  We'll see if I make it.

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