Saturday, December 22, 2012


The Nashville workshop, Focus on Lace, is full.  This afternoon I've been photocopying handouts and selecting the yarns for the drafts.  Am running short on some so I've had to kind of jockey things around and make a few minor changes.

They want some of the dry finishing techniques from the Mug Rugs workshop so that required a bit of jockeying around, too.  Just waiting for the cone winder to break some large cones down into smaller ones - don't need a pound of 10/2 cotton and don't want to pay the postage to ship something that isn't needed.  As it is I always send more than enough to go round.  :)  Or, at least, I try to.  Nothing worse than running short!

As soon as the cones are wound I'll start bagging up the drafts and yarn.  I think I've got a box big enough.  Still have to make up the list of warps/yarns with the number of shafts for each and the welcome letter, but this ought to be done by dinner time if I just keep at it.

With the trampoline laid out so I can do at least one, preferably two, short sessions every day (I'm still building up muscles and stamina) it became a handy 'table' to lay out some of the yarns and drafts.  The rest went onto the floor because I just don't have enough flat surface anywhere else to do this job.

I am still waiting to hear from Memphis how many people are signed up.  I was told to plan for 6 in Chattanooga, but I will confirm with them before I ship anything.  Christmas festivities are a distraction!  :}

We will have brunch tomorrow with my cousin who is visiting from a nearby community for the day and my mom, and then mom, Doug and I will have dinner on the day.  In between I'm still trying to knock stuff off my to-be-done list - things that absolutely must get accomplished before I leave.  I'm hoping that I can get them all done plus some of the jobs with 'soft' deadlines so that they aren't waiting for me when I get home again in mid-February.  Being away for so many weeks means I have to be super organized about stuff like bills to be paid (cheques written out for Doug to fill in and deal with) and so on.

I am really hoping that there will be nice weather in NC/GA/TN while I am there!  But I will bring my snow boots and winter coat just in case because last time I was in NC in January it was cold and the snow was several inches deep at the folk school!  It is winter, after all.

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