Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Happy Colours

the natural weft is really toning down the yellow in the warp...

One more day to the solstice and I can hardly wait.  It's another overcast dreary day here and I've got a mild headache that is dragging at my energy so I feel like I'm wallowing in procrastination.

Fortunately I have more happy colours on the loom.  :)  I'm really liking how the variegated colours are 'pooling' in this towel giving an almost ikat effect.

Since a little yellow goes a long way, I am using natural on this particular towel.  I'll weave two of these and then two using a warm beige for weft.

My goal for today is to finish this yellow warp and see if I can't get the green one into the loom so I can weave those off tomorrow.

And then it will be full steam ahead with the workshop yarns/instructions.  My goal is to have as many parcels as possible ready to mail on Monday.  Which reminds me - I need to get the addresses of the workshop organizers.  It seems like we get so entwined in communicating by emails we forget that actual mail needs to be sent, too!  Even if I don't get all of the workshops done by Monday, the things for the folk school have to go out for sure as that one is the first on the list.

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Sandra Rude said...

Very pretty warp. I also liked the green one you showed on the warping board yesterday. Spring!