Sunday, December 16, 2012

Colour! Give Me Colour!

showing the hem and towel body

Over the years I have discovered that I am very much affected by the seasons - probably have a low grade SAD condition.  February was always the worst month for me and I assumed the ancients knew what they were about when they made it the shortest one!

The past 10 or 12 years our climate has changed.  Instead of the mostly cold days with clear brilliant skies we seem to be having more and more grey overcast and dreadfully dreary weather.  As the days get shorter and the sunlight less and less, I find myself drawn more and more to the brighter more spring like colours.  Perhaps that is why I'm enjoying working with the variegated cottons so much - most of the colourways are quite light and cheerful.  Even the darker ones are still pleasant.

I wound up designing four different colourways using this especially spring like variegated.  I've just sent off the instructions for how I choose the colours to Handwoven along with this photo showing how it looks on the loom.  Now to wait and see if it is something they want for the May/June issue.  :)

Whether they want it or not, I have several days ahead of me with these lovely spring colours.  And that is A Good Thing to be doing while waiting for the winter solstice and longer days to come.


Anonymous said...

If Handwoven doesn't want it, will you please post it? I am beginning to think their name should be Handwoven clothing - or something. I cling to my old issues, and keep wondering if I should renew again - more and more the colors and styles are something I would never do, or even get inspiration from, in yarns far beyond my budget. This is beautiful. I hope they use it - it might encourage me to renew once more.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with the previous poster - Handwoven clothing I too am tired of seeing it all the time.

Laura the towels on your loom are just lovely! They remind me of spring and blooming flowers.

Judith said...

or how about in little e-book form
that could be purchased? I also
have not renewed my Handwoven
subscription for the last two years
for the same reasons others have
mentioned. I miss the articles on technique.

Laura Fry said...

Heard from Anita today and sheis interested so we will see how it goes. Wove the blue wrap today and I'm really pleased with both.