Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One Armed Paper Hanger

darker areas are shadow from the lights behind me

I am beginning to feel like a one armed paper hanger as the clock ticks down on the many things I've got going right now.  I have to be very mindful of the deadlines - the soft ones - and the very hard ones.  If I miss any of them things are going to get very crunchy in about three weeks time!

Distractions abound as we try to nail down the fine details of the tour in Jan/Feb.  I find myself zoning out while winding, threading, weaving.  Not a good thing when the current warps require very specific numbers of 4 different colours.  I can't afford to waste any time right now - especially correcting mistakes! I am going to put away the jigsaw puzzles, too.  The dining room table is needed in order to do my journal entries and balance that and my chequebook.  One of the deadlines I added to my list of stuff to do before I leave is get my year end done and delivered to the accountant because otherwise it really will be crunch time when I get back.

There are so many things that go on behind the scenes (so to speak) when you run a business with as many different facets as I do.  Sourcing yarns, placing orders, receiving them, putting them away (if there is an away to put the stuff - right now that is a challenge, especially with a very large order coming from Silk City. That yarn may just have to live in the boxes until I get back again.)

Doug is busy stapling samples to card stock while I await the Silk City yarn order for the yarns for the last of the Rayon samples.  As the days drag by it looks less and less likely I'll get that woven before I leave.  Getting that finished before I left was optimistic.....and one of the 'soft' deadlines....

Today I will dress the loom with the yellow warp and finish winding the green one.  But first, lunch.  Gotta keep good fuel going in or the furnace goes out, as my dad used to say.

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DebbieB said...

Laura, I'm exhausted just reading all that you've accomplished, and all you have yet to do! :) You GO, girl!