Monday, December 24, 2012

No More Messing About

As suspected, both the yarn orders had gotten caught up in the Christmas mail volumes and today I received not just the first notification of arrival but the last notice!  Anyway, no matter, both orders are here and now I really feel the pressure to tackle the rest of the job list.

The hemp yarn is actually what I hoped, not what I expected.  Obviously I made a crucial math error somewhere when I was converting metric count to imperial.

The singles is about a 2/16 grist by looking at it and the 2 ply is about a 2/10 size - somewhat smaller than a 2/8 but bigger than a 2/16.  I'll drag my scale out and weigh out a gram and see how many meters are in it and then re-calculate.

Either way, both will work for my intended purpose.  Now I just need timed to wind and weave off a sample warp.

In the meantime progress is being made on the southern tour.  Two boxes of yarn were mailed for NC and TN this morning.  I also stopped in to the travel agent - the mall wasn't horrible at 10 am so I was grateful.  The travel agent is working on the best routing/price she can find and will issue the tickets Thursday.  Then I can put the final touches on my end and let all the organizers know my eta(s).

Today I'm working on the Memphis workshop.  I had to re-tool a couple of the warps because I was out of the specified yarns and had to make substitutions, but I think I'm about ready (now that lunch is over) to fire up the photocopy machine and start getting the handouts and yarn packages ready.

Today is a lovely day - a little overcast but the sun is trying to shine.  It's cold but not terrible - and we will have a white Christmas.

Time to get back into the studio and put the finishing touches on this one so I can begin the next.


charlotte said...

I've tried to get hold of hemp yarn for quite some time, but haven't succeeded. Does your supplier have colored hemp yarn as well?
Happy holidays!

Laura Fry said...

No, natural only.