Monday, December 31, 2012

Sweeping Cobwebs - Still

Obviously I wasn't thinking clearly when I set up my schedule for the end of this year.  Generally I can cope with the myriad deadlines that peak throughout the year, but who thought it was a good idea to have so many things all come to a head the last couple of weeks of the year - after a very busy craft fair season?  Well, I guess that would be me!

However I have continued to work on getting the details of the trip sorted out (embarrassingly forgetting to check one of the contracts for information I wanted!), writing the rough draft of the text for A Good Yarn: Rayon, typing up and copying my mom's 'seasonal' letter, getting my books balanced, receipts sorted and everything boxed up ready to go to the accountant, drag my suitcases out and start piling up the things I want to bring with me.

In two weeks time I will be leaving - given the weather co-operates! - staying overnight with friends in Seattle so that I don't have to try to get out of this town on a 6 am flight.  I will stay with friends for a few days to recover from jet lag (and get over the crush of deadlines here!) so that I can hit the ground running upon arrival at the folk school.  From the 20th of January until Feb. 12 will be a very busy time and I have been aware enough to not book anything for the week after I get home.  So far.  :-}

I will, however, leave the small loom dressed so that when I come home there will not be two nekkid looms to greet me. I am not sure what needs to go on to the AVL next, so a short towel warp on the Leclerc will allow me to enjoy some weaving time right away.

Sitting at my loom and weaving is, after all, my happy place.

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