Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Deadlines - Just In Time

One of my 'failings' is that I tend to treat deadlines as a way to procrastinate.  Deadline is two weeks away?  I've got a week before I have to actually do anything about it.  Which can then turn into 5 days.  Then 3 days.  Finally when there is no more room to procrastinate, I find a surge of adrenaline energy and tackle that deadline to the ground!

Well, that worked - sort of - when I was younger and had more energy to burn.  But working on adrenaline all the time is wearing and I must be growing up or something because I find myself looking further ahead, starting work on a large project sooner and ultimately trying to get a large project done ahead of time instead of just in time.

Doug is going to start stapling the samples for AGY:Rayon today, which means I really need to finish weaving them.  I'm still waiting for the yarn from Silk City, but these can be 'finished' so today I taped and cut apart the 'before' samples and will wet finish the rest of the cloth, possibly today, possibly tomorrow.

I also want to clear the decks because I will need to start working on the workshop handouts.  The two day Magic in the Water workshop at John C. Campbell needs to have the yarns not just pulled, but the warps wound too.  The added attraction of this workshop is that participants don't have to bring a loom - I will be dressing the warps during the Boot Camp.  Doing double duty by demoing how I dress looms and getting the warps for the workshop onto the looms.  The folk school has more than enough looms for the 8 registrants in the Boot Camp as well as the 8 or so warps for the workshop.  :)

Atlanta, Nashville and probably Memphis are all a 'go' - Chattanooga has until Saturday to give me the go/no go word and Nashville and Memphis both have to have drafts and yarns mailed to them.  It takes a day to review the drafts and choose the ones appropriate for each class.  For example I don't send a lot of wool to southern climes, which sometimes means a bit of rummaging through the stash and re-tooling the drafts.

I also need to wind demo warps for the Boot Camp and Atlanta.  So, lots of details to be taken care of before the end of the year.

In between I'm waiting for the go-ahead from the designer - do I weave fabric for her or finish that warp off in tea towels?  Which ever, I need that loom for the last AGY:Rayon sample.

Then of course, there is the text to be written, edited, copied and the packages collated.  If I'm going to get them done before I leave, there isn't a day between now and January 14 to waste!

So, in spite of my trying to get everything done in time, I really don't want them to be done just in time but in a timely manner!

Maturity.  Something to be said for it.

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