Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Piling Up

The warps for AGY:L&H have been coming off the small loom in quite a satisfactory fashion.  In order to get as much weaving done as I possibly can before I leave on Friday, I've just been piling them up where ever I can find a spot where they won't get creased too badly.  Normally I wouldn't worry about that too much but since half of each is going to be preserved for the 'before' samples, I don't want them messed up.

So for the moment they are simply draped over the back of the work table and AVL (since I'm not currently weaving on that loom, anyway) along with the thrums for making the yarn samples and my scratch notes.

Hopefully I will remember what I did when it comes time to write up the project notes!

What can I say?  I'm an optimist!

Kerstin has kindly agreed to give me a sewing tutorial so I also want/need to get some of the fabric for my planned summer tops woven and wet finished before I leave on the 23rd so I can see that the two weeks between my arriving home from Langley and leaving for Sweden are going to continue to be a little, um, pressured?

And yes, it is all self-inflicted!

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