Sunday, April 21, 2013

Something Simple

After cutting the cottolin warp off the AVL I really felt like I needed something that I didn't have to fight with and, since I am woefully short of inventory of place mats, decided to toss a quick and easy place mat warp onto the Leclerc Fanny.

Got the loom dressed last night and jumped on the loom this morning.  The really nice thing about this warp is that it goes so quickly in comparison to the cottolin and it's an old friend which means I don't have to think too much, either.

This morning I got 2/5ths of the warp woven (2 of the 5 bamboo blinds I use for warp packing have hit the floor).  This afternoon I'll head to a friend's for a 'lace day' and hopefully finish winding the bobbins for the bookmark lace-along we are trying to do in between our respective travel schedules.  :}

Yesterday I got in to see the dentist covering for mine who a) confirmed the filling was very unstable and needed to be replaced asap and b) had no time on Monday to do it.

Since I can't at this point cancel the trip without huge financial consequences, I am going to go regardless and be very very careful about how I chew.  Soft foods over chewy ones!  And hope like h*ll I don't get to experience dental care in Sweden or the UK!  Because their dentists probably don't have any more 'spare' time than ours here!

In the meantime I'm trying to think about what I absolutely need to bring with me, not think about my dental woes, and pray there is a cancellation tomorrow!

Administrivia is currently under control.  I have a few small items to deal with (write cheques, write a letter, balance cheque book, pick up and pay income tax) but otherwise?  I think I'm about ready for the final toss of essentials into my suitcases and leave on Tuesday.


Klara said...

I'm pretty sure Kerstin knows a decent dentist. And with a bit of luck Sweden might be one of the countries (like Germany) where dentists are not allowed to refuse patients who are in pain but must squeeze them in somehow.

Good luck! Klara

Laura Fry said...

Hi Klara, I'm not in pain at this minute, but who knows? That could change. :( I'm still keeping fingers crossed for a last second call from my dentist today.


Laura Fry said...

An update - happy news! the dentist fit me in just before lunch and the tooth is fixed! Can't say how relieved I am.... :)


Peg Cherre said...

I was interested to 'biggify' your placemat warp & see that you're using multiple (3? 4?) threads in your weft. Looks like 1 might be thicker than the others? I've not done this before. Sometimes when I wind multiple threads on 1 bobbin all goes fine in the weaving, sometimes not - it probably depends on the slipperiness or stickiness of the threads, I'd guess, although I don't have enough experience to know for sure. I'm betting you do!

Enjoy your trip with a healed tooth.