Saturday, April 13, 2013


Although I am running a couple of days 'behind' where I wanted to be by this point in the calendar, I can't complain.  All of the warps that I wanted to take to Sweden are woven, the 'before' samples taped and cut apart, filed in their bins with my scratch notes and the thrums which will be used to tie the yarn samples.  If I can keep myself from playing games on the iPad while watching tv in the evening, I could actually get them all done before I leave, too.

To say that you are going to create a publication is easy.  Breaking it down into manageable bits and then staying on track in order to get all the 'little' interim jobs accomplished on schedule is the tricky part.

Since I didn't think I could manage to get this much done by now - in fact I assumed this topic would not actually be finished until December - means that I am actually quite pleased with my progress.

A few things have come up since the turn of the year and these opportunities will be much like publishing.  Easy to say, harder to break down into manageable bits and get them all done on deadline.

In addition to production weaving for the coming fall sales I have two quite large commissions (one of which I may pass off to a weaving mill because I'm not sure I can actually weave and wet finish the 50 meters of cloth he needs in the time frame he needs it), conferences to teach at, plus the projects I can't yet talk about.

And here I am, getting ready to go away for 3 weeks - time and money I can't really afford.  But one thing I've learned over my life - life is uncertain.  If there are things you really truly want to do or accomplish, don't wait for some ideal time in the future.  The future is not guaranteed.  Don't put your life on hold.  Live it while you have it.

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Arctic-mermaid said...

Your final paragraph if a great goal for everyone. I try to follow this myself.
No time like the present.
best of luck with your publication.