Sunday, April 14, 2013

Technology Woes

Nice, no?

Actually no.  The cable for shaft 16 keeps popping out of the 'finger' (equivalent to a tie up cord coming out of a treadle) so even though I really like this fabric and would have loved having it for a summer top, I'm going to change the tie up to one that more readily shows when a shaft falls 'out' of the tie up.  The cloth woven so far is insufficient for a top and I don't have the time to fiddle with the loom so I give up.  Uncle!

Broken technology wins.  Weaver submits.  Cloth so far woven can be used for samples for a guild newsletter or something.

On the last warp it was shaft 1 that kept doing this but so infrequently that I got enough fabric woven for my purposes.  This is happening so often that if the new tie up doesn't at least temporarily fix the problem I am going to have to get Doug to watch while I'm treadling and see if he can't spot the problem.  The loom has sat idle for several months so it may have shifted due to humidity changes or it's just having a tantrum.

For now I'm going to forget about it and go meet with my lace making buddies.

(the red is to mark where I'm going to change over and the other thing sitting on the web is one of my padded gloves that I wear when using the fly shuttle.  They help to reduce - somewhat - the impact of the beater)

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