Tuesday, April 2, 2013

To Flash or Not

without flash

with flash

Need some photos for publicity purposes and decided to try without flash as well as with.

While the without flash shows the colour gradations more accurately, the with flash makes a better picture.

So that is the one I will be going with.

In some of my software programs the without flash photo looks better than the with but since the image will be printed, I'm thinking the brighter value image will look a lot better for that purpose.  I think you can also see the sheen of the cloth much better as it reflects the light back at the camera.  It also looks to be in a little better focus - one of my biggest challenges!


terri said...

i'm no expert , but my photographer friends say you can adjust the photos in photoshop to get something that you might like better...

Laura Fry said...

Yes, and one of these days I might actually take the time to learn that program.... :-/


Sandra Rude said...

Also, your point-and-shoot camera might have a way to adjust the exposure "on the fly." I often use that with the "no flash" option to get a brighter-but-not-washed-out photo.

Boomer Knows said...

The "without flash" picture seems a bit blurry. The "with flash" is nice & crisp but almost too bright? Have you tried natural light on white posterboard, standing above with macro setting zooming in? Might be worth playing around with? They're both very pretty!