Thursday, April 18, 2013

Burling (inspecting and repairing)

when something can't be fixed I mark it so I can cut around it

a weft loop in the middle of the cloth:  using a tapestry needle follow the route of the weft through the cloth

cut the loop at the base of the needle and thread the loose end through the eye

pull the end through the cloth and cut flush with the cloth

Into every life a little 'rain' will fall.  This cloth is far from perfect.  Far, far away from perfect.

This morning I cut off the first third, inspected, marked the flaws I couldn't (or wouldn't) fix, pulled weft loops to the selvedge trimming them flush along with the weft tails, and then fixed the larger loops in the centre of the cloth.

I have sufficient cloth to do the Seattle Weavers Guild Bulletin samples (which will get done at a later date), plus two pieces currently in the washing machine.  Doug has promised to press them today or tomorrow.

He's been waiting for dry weather to open the roof and effect some repairs but it's either been too cold or threatening wet to chance that.  So he has time on his hands, so to speak, and is willing to press the fabric.

I'm still dealing with some last minute administriva and trying to weave as much of this warp as possible before I leave.  I doubt I'll finish it all but I'm going to make a serious stab at it.

One of the things I'm working on is offering Magic in the Water on a flash drive instead of a CD.  A local shop has some 2 GB flash drives for not a bad price so I'm picking up a bunch today.  The price will be the same as the CD price and rather than task my webmaster with changing the page on my website, people will just get a flash drive instead of a CD if they purchase that option.

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