Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This is a photo of the effect of value of one colour on another.  The pale blue weft washes the warp stripes out making them look more pastel.  The darker turquoise makes the stripes look bolder.

This cloth has given me fits from the start.  It is also intended for yardage that will be cut up and sewn into garments.  Therefore I am pretty much ignoring the selvedges.  I'm not weaving the weft tails in, just leaving them dangle at the sides.

Once the web is cut from the loom I will inspect and repair what I can, hoping I can cut around the rest.  The weft tails will be trimmed flush with the selvedges.  And then it will hit the water.  The reed marks should be greatly reduced if not disappear altogether.  Since the cottolin is grabby, I'm not so sure the reed marks will go away but since each stripe is in a dent of it's own, the reed marks follow the stripes and it should look just fine.

Only time will tell.

Currently reading Evil for Evil by Aline Templeton.  How appropriate to be reading a novel set in Scotland shortly before I leave to visit there.  :)

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