Monday, April 21, 2014

Allergy Season

Winter has loosed it's hold on us and with it...allergy season appears to have arrived.  Another really bad nights sleep left me lethargic again today and the grey dreariness outside didn't help.  But I did manage to weave off a scarf and then threaded the AVL over two sessions this afternoon.  Tomorrow I'll weave the last of the scarves on the small loom and finish setting up the tea towel warp on the big loom.

I was already fast at threading when I switched to the method learned from Norman Kennedy - which, in effect - doubled my productivity.

But all that means is that I am faster than I was before, not that I am always fast.

Speed of threading will be reduced by many things.  The complexity of the sequence for one.  The fineness of the threads, for another.  How co-operative the threads are (i.e. how much twist energy is left int he yarn), too.

So while I can thread faster than what I did this afternoon, given the complexity and fineness of the threads I was working with I'm quite satisfied with my productivity.

After all there is the ideal.  And then there is reality.

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