Friday, April 4, 2014

Here We Go Again

There are 4 days left until I leave and a stack of stuff to do before I go.  Instead of doing them, I'm getting another painted warp ready to weave.

Well, that's not quite true - I have managed to whittle away at the stack of paperwork and we put more lipstick on the pig covering up the hidey-hole behind the warping board.  It's a temporary fix but will do.  Also casting a baleful eye round the studio looking for other things we might do to make it look more presentable, but until I get home and we simply load up all the clutter?  There really isn't much more we can do.

No word from Craftsy about my proposed list of topics but the first one is scheduled for April 11.  The second is in the queue waiting for the magic that the staff do in terms of Search Engine Optimization, editing, scheduling, etc.  I've opened a file for a third - figure I can start and then change things when I hear back.  But I know when I get home I'll be 100% concentrating on the Big Project with little time to think about anything else until we are done.  I'd like to have a backlog before then.

The warp is rayon and since it is slippery I prefer to lash on.  I got this far when my stomach decided it was lunch time, so I'll eat, think about a few of the papers on my desk and see if I can quickly deal with them and then go weave a scarf.

Or maybe I'll read.  :)

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