Friday, April 25, 2014

Round Tuits and Re-organization

I have been procrastinating about getting the rubble removed from the part of the studio that needed to be cleaned up.  However, this morning a friend with a 'round tuit' arrived to help!

Between the three of us (she brought another pair of arms and legs to help physically remove the boxes) cleared away the piles of boxes and bins on the floor in front of these shelves, then cleared all the rubble off the shelves as well.

And then she vacuumed!  I removed myself during this part of the process as my allergy to dust kicked in.

Even better, she will come back tomorrow to tidy the rayon chenille on the rack against the far wall, and help to put yarn, currently in bags and boxes onto the shelves so that I can actually see what I have and get to it.

The store room is once again a mess after she cleaned it up last summer, so we may even take a little time to straighten that out, although it isn't necessary for the Big Project.

Trouble with re-organizing is that before it can get better, it has to get a lot worse.

I even managed to throw stuff away.  Not nearly enough, but at least some.  I will work on serious clean up after the Big Project is completed.  (Not saying when, just...after!)


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

What a wonderful friend - to come to your assistance AND to bring additional help! Things seem so much easier when you have someone to work and talk with (and keep you moving). Congratulations on emptying those shelves!

Peg Cherre said...

Impressive! When you're done there, send your friend here. ;-)