Sunday, April 6, 2014

Beige, Not Bland

Next, up, this lovely beige warp.  Lovely, you ask?  What is so lovely about beige?  Beige is bland.  Beige is boring.  Beige is...not any sort of colour at all!

Beige doesn't have to be boring or bland.  Beige is a nice neutral colour which can set off other colours quite nicely.   A beige warp can be a nice 'neutral' backdrop for all kinds of colours from white all the way through to black.

This particular beige warp isn't just beige though.  Take a closer look.  Yes, the majority of the threads are, indeed, beige - several different shades in fact.  But what else do you see?  Why peach and a pale mint green.

One of the things weavers need to take into consideration is the distance at which their cloth will be viewed.  It's a good idea, I think, to make them interesting from a distance, but also from close up.

I have high hopes for this warp.  There are several candidates for weft, one of which is a mid-range kind of burnt orange.  If that doesn't look good there are 3 or 4 other yarns in my stash which ought to look good.  It's a 30 yard long warp.  I should be able to do a little bit of stash busting.

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Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Never use one colour, when a dozen will be so much better!
(Goes for both colours/nuances and grist, IMO), it makes it so much easier to warp, not so many spools to wind...