Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring - Found!

In spite of my trepidations the drive down yesterday was lovely.  Just a few sprinkles near Hope where the clouds bunch up against the mountains, but otherwise it was broken clouds and sunny.

By the time I got to the lower mainland, driving west directly into the sun I had to turn the a/c on!

Traffic around Seattle was surprisingly light and I made it to Betty's in good time. 

We have a 'rest' day planned before a busy weekend.  We talked a lot about ANWG (Association of Northwest Weavers Guilds) and the conferences held every two years.  More questions than answers at this point.  :-/  

One of the things that is important to me is to foster communication between weavers (and spinners etc.)  The world has changed in ways unforeseen by me, just in my lifetime.  The biggest change is, of course, the internet.  There are many ways for weavers (a tiny population - knitters count in the millions, weavers in the thousands) to connect on the internet - chat groups being the first. 

Now there are websites devoted to spreading the word about weaving - Weaving Today, Weavolution, Craftsy.  Individuals can get in on the act via blogs. 

But textiles are, well, tactile.  There is nothing quite like getting together in person to share what we have done with threads.  OTOH, I hear via Kerstin that work is happening on a matter transmitter.  Who knows, maybe we will be able to teleport one day rather than drive for 14 hours, or fly a similar length of time half way round the world?

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