Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm not much of a housekeeper.  I'm not any kind of housekeeper, come to that.  When it comes to a choice between cleaning and weaving?  Weaving will win every time, hands down.

But I have a powerful motivation for my studio, at least, to look, um, presentable.  With a blue/green shag at one end of the studio and a green/brown shag at the other end, getting something in the middle that didn't look butt ugly was actually easier than expected.

My studio will never win any House Beautiful awards but at least I'm less embarrassed about how it looks now.  In the course of getting this new piece of carpeting down an anticipated 2 hour job turned into a two day job (they always seem to grow like topsy, don't they?) and I have 'new' piles of clutter from where we moved the 'old' piles of clutter - but at least the floor looks better than it did.

Today I have a bunch of re-organization type things I'm going to ignore in favour of cutting and serging the cloth from the AVL, weaving on the small loom and maybe getting the next warp for the AVL set up.

In order to accomplish the Big Project we will clear all the extraneous clutter out of the studio and store it in the annex.  Who knows, maybe once I see my nice uncluttered studio, I may work to keep it that way?

And pigs might fly, too!


Meg said...

Trampoline. A vital part of good weaving. I think I need one, too. :->

Laura Fry said...

My effort to add impact exercise to my routine. Not working since the fall a few weeks ago, now the floor upheaval. :(


Peg Cherre said...

I know exactly how you feel, about projects taking time. I recently had someone come and buy/take a bunch of my 'stuff' to sell in his booth at the 'antiques' co-op. One thing he took (so glad it's gone) caused me to spend 2 hours organizing all the things I had in it and on it.

As I unload each pile of crap, I'm amazed that there's always more, and more, and MORE!