Saturday, April 19, 2014


With just over two weeks until the Big Project things are going to start moving very quickly, very soon.

So what did I do today?  Nothing.

Well, hardly anything.  I did unpack, dealt with some email queries that had come in while I was away, visited with my mom because there won't be much time in the next little while.

I did go into the studio and look at the warps on the looms, neither of which are threaded.  And came back upstairs.

Although I arrived home last night by 7 pm-ish, I was extremely tired.  A good night's sleep has helped, but this morning I still found myself very low on energy.  And so I decided a day of rest before leaping back into the fray was necessary.

Fortunately I had written a second Craftsy blog post before I left so I shot that off this morning as well.  But since I'm not feeling at my best mentally it's best the 3rd be left for another day.

Currently reading Peacemaker by C. J. Cherryh

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Louisa said...

I think your body is smarter than you are. It's trying to tell you that you need a break after all that work and travel. Good thing you didn't argue or there might have been rebellion!

It was lovely to see you in Vancouver, Laura, even if our visit was only for a few minutes. Your talk to the guild was really interesting and I think I heard light bulbs going off in people's heads! Love it.