Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Currently in a Timmy's in Langley, contemplating what happens next.  Not in a large, sweeping philosophical context, but as in, what do I do next?   The next stage of my journey is to head into Vancouver where I have my next stop.  Another 'stranger' offering a billet while I prepare to present the program for the Vancouver guild.  Just a tad nervous about whether or not the technology will work because it is a Power Point presentation.  While I can still do something, the images will enhance understanding.  So, fingers crossed.

However, it means I am facing driving in a big city, something which makes me very uncomfortable.

This life I have chosen has brought me plenty of opportunities to explore well beyond my comfort zone.  I don't have to go sky diving or bungee jumping when I routinely get up in front of groups of people to speak.  To drive in metropolitan areas where I have little idea of where I am and where I am going, printed maps and sat-nav systems in hand.  Launching Big Projects, hoping people will purchase once I've invested the time and money to create the products.

For now I'm facing getting back onto the freeway in the rain and finding my hostess.  I think I need lunch first.

Currently reading Peacemaker by C J Cherryh

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I understand. Living in small communities most of my life - finding my way across a big city by myself is beyond my comfort zone too. This is something I will have to do soon as I will be at the Portland, OR Handweavers Guild Sale.
Stephanie S