Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Another Day, Another Warp


Yesterday the turquoise warp got cut off the loom and wet finished.  Those 8 towels are now ready to be hemmed and then all 16 will get their final press and will be ready for tagging.  Of course that won't happen right away because I'm saving up batches so that all of the tagging can be done at once.

Today this warp will get beamed.  I wound spools of the variegated yesterday, put the tubes/spools on the rack, stripped the warp from the Megado and generally tidied a bit.  

The studio needs a deep clean, but the most I can manage is to pick up the worst now and again.  

The weather continues to be more 'break up' than 'spring'.  Yesterday it was grey and wet; today it seems to just be grey.

I've been considering more speakers for the Sunday Series but it feels like booking 12 months into the future is too ephemeral, too far away.  So I hesitate.  I do have three lined up for 2022, with another short list I want to contact.  

The local guild room has been tidied and when it is safe I expect we will resume in person drop-ins.  Not for a while though as the province is not currently doing well with containing the virus and we are starting a three week 'circuit breaker', hoping to knock the numbers back as the vaccines begin rolling out.  A number of friends or family of friends have gotten their vaccines.  We are a couple of weeks away from getting our first jab.  But our appointments are booked - we just need to keep doing what we have been doing until herd immunity.

The on line study groups continue and I need to get back to writing up more Power Point presentations.  I am half done but suddenly find myself hitting the wall.  As a recent meme said, the wall is there to lean against and rest, so I've been spending more time reading and less time fussing about things.  I do, however, have a few things that need to be dealt with and am relieved to say that I have even managed some of them.  My tax papers are now with my accountant, for instance, so that is being dealt with.

So much of the past year has felt like 'hurry up and wait' and I don't have much patience to begin with so I'm dealing with not being able to 'hurry up' and never was much good at the 'wait' part.

As I begin to emerge (literally and figuratively) from the past year, my thoughts turn to what happens next.  Frankly?  I have no idea.  All I do know is that I still have too much yarn and need to weave it off.  So today the above warp will get beamed.  And I will continue to pick my way through each warp in turn and try to stay present in the moment.

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