Wednesday, October 13, 2021



From time to time someone will contact me about doing something.  Usually it is something in the future, say 6 months?  3?  And that seems so far away.  Surely I'll be done what I'm currently working on by then and there will be plenty of time (and energy) to do those things, too.

Inevitably delays will creep in and what was 6 months away is now 4, now 3, week.  And instead of having a clear desk (or loom) I'm working on 3 different things at once.

In the 'olden' days, I'd just generate a little more adrenaline and sail through.  Now?  Not so much.  

The filming week was supposed to be the last week of September, but for reasons got moved to the first week of October.  I had to rearrange some Zoom meetings but everyone took it in good cheer.  Except I mis-remembered something I'd agreed to a year ago - incorrectly - and wound up needing to move one of the moved Zoom meetings because the previous commitment was made first.  

But I also still have things to do for the filming, and will continue to have more things to wrap up that project, all before it goes 'live', plus there are the Sunday Seminars (last one on Sunday until the new year), plus my study group (combined two into one), plus guild sales.  I've offered my craft fair apparatus because the guild will have a bigger space - AND my inventory, so they'll need my display stuff too.

Then the guild room sale every weekend for five weeks after the big public craft fair.

I still have things I'd like to have woven for the sales, but I'm also still working on some ghost weaving for another person.  However, I *think* I can get that finished this week.

But all of this activity reminds me that I am supposed to be 'retired', not feeling off balance and fumbling trying to make sure I don't mess up and forget something crucial.

So once again I am wobbling about continuing the Sunday Seminar Series.  I have three booked in the new year and was going to consider booking more.  But I've been doing them for 10 months (last one this Sunday, just saying) and I'm tired.  So I will think on it over the coming couple of months and see if I have the enthusiasm to continue.

Covid continues to be a problem where I live and I'm not happy about heading into winter with the new daily cases continuing to wreak havoc on plans - as long as covid continues to grow, I won't be attending any public things.  I will help set up the guild booth at the craft fair, but will leave as soon as I am able to limit my exposure to crowds of people.  And of course I will be wearing a mask while I am there.

In the meantime I am also preparing to mentor a group of students beginning in January plus two people contacted me last week, wanting me to do stuff.  I said I would, but don't really know the details - yet.  

But by and large I remain an optimist at heart.  We can still get covid under some sort of 'control' in the coming weeks.  IF, that is, Canadians were smart about Thanksgiving.  If not, we'll still be isolating for Christmas.  Then there is New Year celebrations.  And on and on we go.

In the end, what will be, will be.  And hopefully I can stay on top of my deadlines.

I think I can, I think I can...

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