Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Pandemic Thoughts


A while back I did a series of small publications on fibre characteristics.  I called them A Good Yarn and covered cotton, linen, wool.  Mostly I did them because so few weavers had any real understanding about the very nature of the materials they were working with.

This past year when I tried to find a way to get through a pandemic and continue to teach, this topic was one that I turned into a 2 hour (approximately) on line presentation.  In the end I wound up with 11 seminars about various principles involved in weaving.  

As we stare down the telescope of forward thinking, I've been trying to figure out how to continue to reach out to weavers and while we are in this pandemic, I won't be doing any in person workshops, so I've been booking Zooms with some guilds.  This weekend, I'll be doing one on ergonomics for the Ontario Handweavers conference.  I don't know if they are still taking registrations, but maybe?  

This morning a guild asked if I could do a Zoom workshop.  I offered one (or more) of my seminars, in large part because I just don't have the equipment or skills to do a workshop, as such.  But I still have a lot (!) to say about the craft of weaving.  And I spent rather a lot of time first writing my book, then developing the seminars.

So if anyone is interested in booking me for a Zoom seminar (if anyone reading this has sat in on one, maybe mention if you thought it was worthwhile?) and I will work on a price.

The post production team at the School of Sweet Georgia continues to work on the editing and we appear to be on track for the class to go live in the new year.  Part of the reason I agreed to do this with SOS is the fact that I can interact with the students, answer questions, clarify things that may need further explanation.  An on-line 'workshop' perhaps isn't the 'ideal', but with forethought and care, I think we can make it work.  And I'm willing to try.

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