Thursday, May 25, 2023

Still Waters


After several very busy weeks, this week is somewhat calmer.  And a welcome calm it is, to be honest.

Next week is going to be busy with appointments pretty much every day, so I've been trying to get a few things done this week and I've made progress so that feels good.

The edits are back with the editor and I should get them back next week for another pass through.  Today I'll be working on the bibliography.  I mention a number of books in my essays, and it is a good idea to include a bib with title, author, etc., in case people want to refer to them, themselves.  At least *I* always appreciate that information, so I assume some readers will, as well.  Once I've done that I will begin on the index key words.  Given the essays are in alphabetical order by their respective title, finding a particular topic will be a challenge if there is no index.  So, indexing I will go!

The next warp appears to be weaving up nicely and I'm pleased with how the web looks in the loom.  I've got 4 towels done (out of a potential 20) and plan on one more today which would make that warp about 1/4 woven.  

We have clear skies today, but the smoke is coming back after a day and a half of some nice steady rain.  My allergies are confirming that it's getting worse again.  

It looks like we continue to be on track for the July 9 launch.  Once I do the next read through, that should take care of the worst of the typos etc.  I *think* the words are ok, but still mulling over commas.  As a friend said, keep the necessary ones, get rid of the unnecessary ones.  But to decide which is which?  That's the 'work'!

At any rate, we are pretty sure, like 90% sure, July 9 can be the official launch.  Pardon me while I struggle with impostor syndrome.  Once I've wrestled that beast to the ground I will schedule the Zoom launch date...

While the title is firm, we still have to get the cover designed.  The editor is busy with other work so hopefully by next week.  Other decisions about formatting have been made, it's just going to take time to do it.  However, there is a clear month in which to finalize the files and get them uploaded to Blurb, so it's looking good.  Nothing in life is certain, however, so I'm on tenterhooks, waiting to see if my plans will go ahead, or...require a detour, or something.

Anyway, the swan seemed like a good metaphor for what's happening right now.  It may look serene and calm on the surface, but we are paddling like mad below the surface.


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