Friday, January 21, 2011

Day Two in Sarasota

One of the nice things about doing a 3 day workshop is that there is more time to weave the samples. So it was with a sense of great anticipation that I began cutting warps off the looms today - amongst the protests of some people who hadn't quite gotten to those looms yet - and began preparing them for the wet finishing tomorrow. And yes, I tied those warps back up so that more weaving could carry on. :)

Several of the warps were duplicates so no one had to weave on all of the warps unless they wanted to do so. In preparation for the wet finishing I cut a slice off the side of the woven web to reserve for a loom state sample. The rest will hit the water tomorrow.

Since we have all day, we can allow the samples to dry a little more thoroughly that is usually the case so we should be able to get everything done and cleaned up without too much stress.

Distributing the samples back to each person is always a bit fraught. I have yet to find a good way to cut the samples apart and hand them back to each person, so we'll go with the method I've found to work the 'best'. Cut each warp apart and distribute each sample as we go. There are only 13 in the workshop so it should not take too long.

We also have a couple of smaller items we'll wet finish just to see how they turn out. I have not woven with every yarn available, so sometimes it's a learning experience for me, too. :)

Tonight my host and hostess had a pot luck dinner. As usual, where ever weavers gather, there will be good food and good conversation.

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