Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sleepless in Florida

One of the things that has been making my life a misery the last few years is sleep disruptions. It certainly doesn't help when I add jet lag into the equation. Then, when the thought squirrels start running in my head, sleep becomes nearly impossible.

Thoughts running through my head last night (until 3 am-ish) - two surgical dates (to be determined, one of which requires 6 weeks recovery - i.e. NO heavy lifting which means no weaving, no dyeing) around which I have to fit travel for education and teaching/sales (Madrona - education), Fibres West and HWSDA (sales), Quebec (general session address and workshops), NEWS (seminars), Grand Forks (sales and possibly teaching?), move out of annex, get rid of Puff, wet finish the things I've woven but not wet finished before Puff expires (i.e. the end of March), dye 30+ pounds of silk gimp as quickly as possible (after skeining it off), dye the sample yarns coming from Ashland Bay, find storage space for the new line of spinning fibres I've just become the dealer for in Canada (details when I get home and get the dealer package, but.....they are exciting), work on The Project, writing, designing the exercises and making the samples - warp wrappings and woven samples to illustrate the principles......

Which takes me to September when I start travelling to do shows/craft fairs.

One of the things that always stops me in my tracks is when I do the local craft fair, which I've been doing continuously since 1979 (except for 3 years ago due to health). When some of the long time supporters of the craft fair see me show up again in my booth, they kind of look at me and say things like 'Oh, you're still weaving. How nice you have something to keep you busy.'

Oh yes. How lovely I have something to keep me busy............ :D


Peg Cherre said...

I know those thought squirrels, too. They live in every state. I'm sure we all have our tricks to try to banish them. One of mine, which works sometimes, is to do multiplication in my head. It has to be 3 digits times 3 digits. I get so bored with keeping all those numbers in my head, I sometimes drift off to sleep.

Have you tried valerian?

Laura Fry said...

I've tried just about everything - nothing works consistently. When I'm at home I take a couple of anti-histimines (the kind that make you sleepy) but I'm nearly out so I'm saving those for the weekend while I'm teaching and need to be not sleep deprived. :} I don't take sleeping pills because I'm too disoriented the next day. :(

Unknown said...

I empathize. I thought I'd NEVER get off to sleep..finally achieved around FIVE A.M.!!! Just woke up, since, even exhausted, I just can't make it much past 9. Yeah, Benedryl for me, too! I am definitely going to try and get a nap this morning and might do a terrible thing like getting up in time for lunch.
It has a lot to do with back pain. If I get in the wrong position it will get pretty bad and wake me up.
Still, I can walk and do most of what I need to do, so I am NOT going to complain. I just have to watch it on picking things up etc...well, YOU know!
Just posted a gushing little tribute to my 16-shaft Structo, by the way, on my own blog. Gawd, I love that little loom!
Sorry I couldn't catch you in Florida. I am going down there sometime within the next couple of weeks.
Feel better! I highly recommend a hot chocolate with a generous shot of Bailey's (-;