Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week One

No pictures yet. Late last year my service provider changed the terms of my Blackberry contract so I now have to pay for email up and downloads so posting photos from my phone now cost way too much.

Unfortunately I didn't even take any photos with my phone, but Heather did so I will be able to access her photos once I'm home. Or else I will post the URL to her photos if that's okay with her.

So, to summarize the 5 days at John C. Campbell - what can I say? Southern hospitality at it's best.

Everyone associated with the school was gracious, helpful and positive in their attitude.

The students were motivated, enthusiastic and willing to work hard. The amount of weaving that was accomplished during the week was awesome and students and teachers from other classes were amazed at how prolific the class was. :)

Friday afternoon the classes had a display of their work so we could each see what had been happening in the other studios. During the week there were programs like Morningsong, movies, concerts. Or you could continue to work in your studio. (You can guess what the weavers were doing!)

Would I go back? Yes, I'm hoping to return next year, but perhaps not in January. I'd been hoping to leave the cold and snow behind but a storm blew in - it got very cold and it snowed several inches. The work study crew were presented with shovels their first day and spent the better part of Monday and Tuesday shoveling the many paths through the school campus.

If you've ever thought about taking a class at JCC, it's a great atmosphere, well stocked and equipped studios with great instructors (even if I do say so myself). :^)

I am now staying with friends for a few days before heading further south to Sarasota.


Pam Howard said...

So glad you had a good time. We do try to make your stay at the Folk School an enjoyable one. Sorry for the cold weather and snow. We are just as supprised as you were : - ) I am sure you will be hearing from me for 2012!!!

Pam Howard
Resident Weaver
John C. Campbell Folk School

Laura Fry said...

Hi Pam, it was great to meet you in person. :) I was so impressed with how the school coped with the adverse weather! being there during the storm really made it feel like we were a community.


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

The weaving class and JCC were everything I hoped for - beautiful campus (even in the snow), friendly staff, good food and GREAT TEACHERS! I learned so much, and I'm eager to put my new knowledge to work. I'll urge my husband to get my photos finished so I can send you some. Thanks SO MUCH for the class! (I hope you get some warm weather in Florida.)

Laura Fry said...

Thanks Rhonda, pictures would be great. Meant to ask when you were going back to CB. You would enjoy meeting Janet in Sydney.