Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Last Day in Durham

I'm pretty much packed and ready to go but before we head to the airport, I'll be delivered to the textile library at the university and have a couple of hours to rummage through the books. :D

Can we say "heaven"?

I finished the War of Art and hopefully some of Pressfield's observations on the creative process will stick. Mostly it's about getting over the fear, overcoming Resistance. I experienced a great deal of resistance while beginning Magic and was having similar issues with The Project. Having managed to get the first seven pages laid out before I left, I'm hoping that I can return and hit the ground running in order to make some good progress before I leave for Madrona Fiber Festival. I've signed up for one of Jacey Boggs' spinning classes because I feel the need to understand more about how textured yarns are engineered.

Her interview on WeaveCast intrigued me and when I saw her listed on the Madrona schedule I said, hmmmmm.

So yesterday I signed up and will stay with a friend for a few days as well. Since I knew a few people in the Seattle area, and another will be in the area visiting (who, happily, is signed up for the same workshop that I'm taking) it's another opportunity to visit with fibre people. :)

I fear I'm getting spoiled!

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Syne Mitchell said...

What a coincidence, I'm in that same class!

Laura said...

That is a coincidence! I figured you'd be busy teaching. :)

cate markey said...

oh good, you should be smiling. hum. wish i was going to Madrona...have a great time and spoil yourself!