Monday, January 24, 2011

Interlude in FL

We went to the store today where I found some fabric to frame and bind the cross stitch angel I made several years ago to give to my brother and never did finish to give to him. With the hundreds of hours I spent doing the stitching I was feeling guilty (and not a little sad Don never got it) and decided to give it to someone else. Not able to afford professional framing, I settled on a fabric 'frame' with hanging tabs.

After lunch I got most of it sewn - the rest needs to be done by hand and I don't have the right colour thread to do that so I'll finish it up at home.

This morning my watch starting working again - in fits and starts - so I decided to just buy a new one - the one I bought was only a couple of dollars more than replacing the battery on the other - and with it working sporadically I was suspicious the watch itself was breaking.

The new watch has a large face which I prefer, and the decoration on it is butterlies. How could I not buy it????

Currently reading All He Ever Wanted by Anita Shreve

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