Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plan B

Well, I had my suitcase all packed. Managed to fit nearly everything in and then checked the airlines for maximum size of suitcase.


My sports equipment bag was too large. Oh, I could travel with it - if I were willing to pay $150 every time I checked in. Considering how many flights I'm taking on this trip, I swallowed my bile and made an executive decision.

I cannot afford to bring my warping board with me on this trip. Which means I can't afford to take it to NEWS in July, either.

And so I'm now in the process of re-packing all the stuff that was in the sports bag into the red suitcase in the foreground which should just fit the requirements of maximum allowed luggage size. As long as I pack so that I don't need to expand it the 1.5" or so that it will expand. And 'lightly' so that it doesn't bulge.

The sports bag weighed in at 49 pounds as near as we could calculate on our ancient bathroom scale. With the subtraction of the warping board and bamboo blinds I prefer as warp packing, I should be able to add back in most of the stuff I took out so that the warping stuff would fit in.

I so love travelling by air............(not)

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Anonymous said...

The trick is to pack it expanded, close it, then sit on it and zip the expansion closed.

My mother teaches art quilting, she travels with a solid golf case with all her example quilts rolled up in the middle and all the supplies packed around it, plus an extra large suitcase or two.

Maybe next time just count the oversize fee into the quote for your travel costs. Then you can bring your warping board *and* all the extra stuff!

Unknown said...

I'm taking your class and can bring a bamboo blind. It is about 45 inches wide. Should I cut it down? Can't bring a warping board, since I use a reel.
Teena Tuenge

Laura Fry said...

Ah - I'll have to remember that tip! Tina, if you can bring the blind there are 45" wide looms to work on. :)


Valerie said...

Have you thought about shipping the stuff ahead of you? It will work as long as you have an address to send it to.

Laura Fry said...

I ship as much as possible ahead of time given baggage restrictions. I wasn't willing to ship my warping board that far in advance because I needed it here. :( Since I'd travelled with this sports bag previously, I figured it would work. Things change....

The school has boards so it's no biggie - except I wanted to show people a Leclerc board.


Sharon said...

Happy Trails! I will be going to Appleton, Wisconsin on 1/13 and I know very well the dilemma of how much can you carry of everything you want to take with you to teach a class!
I wish you on time flights, enough time on layovers to make the next leg of your journey and comfortable beds wherever you land!

Rainbows in Wool said...

I've used those bags where you suck all the air out to compact your stuff.