Saturday, October 8, 2011

And Another One

click to biggify - the cuffs are turned back to show the other side of the cloth

This coat is another double weave with areas of pique'.  The ribs are 'stuffed' with strands of lopi type wool.

The fabric was woven with the ribs horizontal in the loom, then turned or 'railroaded' so that the weft is vertical on the body.

Darlene very cleverly made it so that it is reversible.  The blue is hand dyed silk.  The white yarn is a fine wool merino.

Darlene machine knit the edge trim with the fine merino in order to perfectly match the cloth. 

The finished fabric doesn't look very much different from the loom state.   And yes, this fabric was given a hard press in order to flatten it and make it easier to sew.

Unfortunately I haven't worn it much as it is dressier than my lifestyle calls for.  :)


DebbieB said...

Laura, I'm catching up on blogs today and have enjoyed all your posts with the cloth samples this week. Thanks for posting them!

Laura Fry said...

I confess I rarely keep notes on textiles that I've woven. A number of reasons for that, sloth no doubt being one of them. :^)

The textiles I wove for the GCW tests, however, are the exeption. I wove dozens of samples and these garments were the culmination of the experimentation I did for the tests.

I've been toying with taking photos of the guild tests and sharing those, too, but wonder if people are that interested in pure samples....


Evelyn said...

Lovely jacket! White is difficult to wear casually.

Judith said...

Pure samples???Bring em on!
As someone who taught herself to weave, I would love to see
samples from an experienced
weaver. Having given up in despair
several times with the GCW tests
I would love to see what the samples
should really look like!!