Friday, October 14, 2011


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This is the final woven 'sample' for the master level.  It is a scarf woven in a fine silk (2/60) set at 45 epi/ppi.  I did a series of scarves and chose the best one to submit.  :)  The weave structure is huck lace.

In addition to the woven samples the candidate is sent fabric swatches that they are to analyze.  The samples are handwoven and the candidate is to determine the threading, tie up and treadling and the yarns used.  Sometimes this can be quite a challenge! 

So, now that you've been given a tour of the fourth and final level of my tests, do you want a tour of the other test levels?  The levels have been changed somewhat since I did them lo, these many years ago.

The test problems can be used as a personal study guide (along with Mary Black's (New) Key to Weaving and can be found on the Guild of Canadian Weavers website here.  The file is a pdf which can be downloaded for free.


Andrew Kieran said...

hi Laura

I was doing a google search for "rotary temple" as I have the predictable problems associated with excessive draw-in and also I like to weave plain weave on occasion without making a big song-and-dance about the selvedges.

Anyway, I saw somewhere that you'd ordered a fireside looms rotary temple, but I couldn't find any post about it on your blog, how did you get on with it?

I'm probably going to be using a normal stick temple for my next wide warp as the technician assures me he has one lying around somewhere and the next narrow one I plan to use an ingenious arrangement of pins, string and metal weights. In the long run though I'd want a rotary temple, as I dislike stopping and starting



Laura Fry said...

Hi Andrew,

I never did order the temple as I had to cancel the trip to the US where I was going to check it out one last time. Since then I've come to the conclusion that it would be difficult to fit to my AVL so I've just been using an ordinary wooden one when I feel I need to use one.